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Common sense is not that common [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Miss M

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I'm a road runner baby [Oct. 12th, 2007|11:12 am]
Miss M
[mood |good]

Yes, just posting because I'm feeling positivite for a change (been really down lately.) Work going ok, College of Law going ok, will move into a new abode in St Clements at the weekend which will be more like a base for study and travel than a home seeing as I spend most of my time on the roads, (see the title above of that husky monotonous song). But yes, things are not too bad at the moment, so just liked to share that.
Having dinner at a friend's tonight as she's celebrating Eid (aren't we multicultural) and then getting the keys to my new house on Sat, then hopping on the coach to London to see my parents on Sat night and returning to Oxford either Sunday night or Monday morning to start it all again. Yes.
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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2007|04:30 pm]
Miss M
Ok let's get all retrospective on our asses..

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New direction [Sep. 28th, 2007|10:03 am]
Miss M
So, simply, if I don't write I forget. My life has taken a new turn since last weekend when I've attended the College of Law induction to the two year course ahead of me - part time GDL, ie course conversion into Law, to be followed by the LPC or the BVC in two years' time.
I will do that full-time by then to speed it up. But yes, two evenings a week I will be now commuting to London and back.
My colleagues all seem very nice, all with full-time or part-time jobs, different ages, different experiences but basically the late-comers who have pressed a panic button as they were wasting time in jobs that were not really going anywhere soon.
It's a bit like being back in College, not University but sixth-form college where you get all the smart-street kids etc. I have a very strange and very real feeling though that I have met these exact people before. Maybe that's what happens as you grow old and meet more people, you just find the same types again and again.
Still, the course is very fast-paced and demanding in terms of self-study, work, activities and balancing it all up. The one thing that will probably make my life harder than it is, is signing up to a compulsory extra-curricular activity to do with law for which I will have to further commute to London on my "days off" and ask to leave early from work etc. which I will hate doing. Work is the least demanding part of my life at the moment.
Also during these past few weeks I have been spending a few weekends at home and I am always sad to leave on Sunday evenings, I get a real gut-wrenching feeling of departure but this soon goes away with the day to day pace of things.
I must remember to either refund or find a way to wear the most gorgeous and expensive pair of Zara pair of shoes I bought in Oxford Street about a week ago. Friday today and a great sigh of relief but what will I do now that I'm free?
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It's me snitches!! [Aug. 28th, 2007|12:17 pm]
Miss M
Yes, Facebook does take away from the urgency to post on LJ, but you need some written testimony of the things that've passed as well.
Last time I was telling you about my glorious time at home in Romania. Well, since coming back, I have had various frustrating episodes in terms of my last flat, still chasing up the old housemates for my measily remains of a £500 deposit to be returned etc. But I don't want to delve on that as I am getting annoyed as I write.

On the fun side of things I have had a nice day off last week, Tuesday 21st August to be precise and with the occasion of seeing England vs Romania under 21s play we went to Bristol. There we spent the early part of the day doing vaguely touristy things ie going up a tower for panoramic views of the city, playing in a nice park, visiting a veritably preserved Georgian house that belonged to a sugar-cane merchant, spending some time in the entrance hall of the Bristol University which is nice and imposing and the later part in a journey across the city to the Bristol City Rovers ground which also encompassed a vain search for cider and fish n chips. The score was 1-1 and there were 18,000 fans in the stadium, 2 of which were Romanian. Surely I will want to remember these facts when I re-visit these pages!

This weekend I met with a friend for dinner on Friday and we went to Chutneys, thend G&Ds (I never was or am/or will be a G&Ds fan), then went home played hearts and listened to Westwood for 3 hrs! Just what all the cool kids are doing with their Friday nights!
Saturday I went on a futile shopping trip to Reading and I think I went to bed relatively early and Sunday after a rocky start I met with another friend and we went out drinking to the KA, then the Bear and then we went out for one of those Bank Holiday shindigs which was disappointingly rubbish.

On Sunday, I embarked on the Oxford-Paddington train, met with Iri, James and my family and off to Notting Hill we went. The weather was lovely and though the floats were not that impressing I had a great time, drinking free ginger beer, eating jerk-chicken, using the whistle and doing minimal dancing. Briefly popped home after hours of walking, then off again to Oxford. Got very little sleep as a result and I am looking a right mess, but that's life!
I will spellcheck this when I return from lunch. Done!
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Old fashioned LJ enquiry [Aug. 7th, 2007|11:22 am]
Miss M
I have a few more days of holiday left this year and I was thinking about heading to the English/British seaside for a few days maybe during the August bank holiday.
I want to sunbathe and go in the sea but I realise that might be impossible due to the weather. I have heard of places like Devon and Cornwall and Wales, and was thinking about maybe going to Torquay because I've heard of it but it sounds so old-fashioned. I realise that going to the sea here won't be a crazy hip-holiday, but I want to go somewhere really nice at least with sandy beaches.
Has anyone been to the seaside in England and what would you recommend?
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Trying to stay healthy [Aug. 3rd, 2007|09:47 am]
Miss M
[mood |rejuvenatedpositive]

I have returned from home in Bucharest where I have spent over two weeks in the company of my lovely sister and my amazing gran, Mamaie Geta. It was great to fill up with positive energy and to use a cliche, recharge my batteries. I was getting so down with the weather we had been having in Oxford in June and May and the monotony of work dragging on day after grey day after grey day. Going up the stairs at work each morning felt I was living in Groundhog Day.
But yes, the spell has been broken, home was as good as expected, only slight minuses were over 40 degrees Celsius heat which made sleeping at night a chore and...well, I think that's about it!

Going home also meant that I ate tasty fresh, home made food or tasty Romanian restaurant food when I was at the seaside, salads with all the right ingredients: real tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers (the small variety not the long condom clad cucumbers you get in supermarkets here), onions, my gran's amazing pies, and a huge quantity of watermelons. (but not even half-way as much as Iri, the melon-eater par excellence) This coupled with my gran's adamant advice against unhealthy foods and drinks, also with the beautiful silhouettes of Romanian girls (they are all gorgeous and a size 10 at most) made me want to shed my excess pounds or at least start by eating healthy which is what I propose to do.

This is easy for me at home because we have our gran and endless supply of fresh, home-cooked food as mentioned above. As Iri remarked when we visited the supermarket at home and passed through the sweets isle which we would have otherwise eyed hungrily in the UK, "these items are designed for people without grandmas"!

But yes, if I can't slim straightaway at least I can make a concerted effort to eat healthy. No chips, no crisps, no white bread, no (excess) alcohol and continuing to walk to work, or even better cycle (but this is so hard to do in the morning!) and making sure that everything I do eat has some sort of nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc. Fresh fruit, vegetables - I am taken with the idea of food as medicine. The college canteen is closed next week too so I should take advantage of that. Even when it re-opens I should still try and stay away from it as the temptation to eat a big lunch is almost never resisted.

Then wait and see how this impacts on my life this August as from September I will be holding down a near full-time job and commuting two nights a week to London to study for the first year of the part-time GDL. I am scared and excited but more about that closer to the date. Now I'm just enjoying the British summer which has been good since I've returned! At least I can sleep at night...and out. x
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My pre-Birthday Weekend [Jun. 18th, 2007|09:51 am]
Miss M
[mood |contentcontent]

Was great fun! Got on the coach to London late Friday night and made it back to Harrow in time to watch some rubbish Jonathan Ross and another idiotic show, The Friday night project because dad took out Sky for the summer after the football ended (not that we would have found anything of value there).

Saturday woke up early for a day of female pampering better described as pain. Went to have my eyebrows done and then to the Polish staffed hairdresser in Harrow with my mum. We both walked out with something we didn't really intend to have, but I don't think either of us are too upset with the results. We then went with all the family to shop for birthday goodies for work for Tuesday, Iri to "plenish" her supply for her first ever Glastonbury. Myself, I'd happily pay not to be subjected to such bestival torture, but I hope for her sake that at least she'll have a dry one (unlikely)or that she goes well prepared for it (even more unlikely)

When we got home, Iri started to bake me a cake before she realised that of all the things, we neglected to buy self-raising flour on the word of our mum that we had some at home. This was a lesson we should have learnt before, do not ask mum about cooking ingredients, she's not the person to know of such things. So dad gave her a quick lift back to the supermarket and the cake baking started in earnest before she broke the mixer by putting in an almost frozen pack of butter. Even our dad's engineering skills didn't help, but miracle of miracles, she mixed the batter using the metal chopping blades and alas there was a cake. And what a cake, a strawbery, yogurty, Italian cream, three layered, almondy cake which we had on Sunday.

But back to Saturday...It looked like our going out plans had to be scaled down slightly and that there wouldn't be any pubage before going out, which was just as well that before we knew it it was already 7.30. We got ready and at quarter to 9 we left Harrow and headed out to Great Portland Street to Rumba Caribe, a twice-monthly club which promised to play just the stuff I like: latin, reggaeton, hip-hop, dancehall and other exotic flavours. Before I left I e-mailed the club a list of names for the guestlist for £5 entry before 10 pm. My three friends from Oxford who were going to drive there: Fran, Gemma and her sister Rosie informed me that they made it in safely by 9.45 just as our metropolitan tube which arrived at Baker Street was turning back, taking us back to Finchley Rd. With a huff and a puff we made the journey again, got off at Baker Street this time, rushed over to get on the circle line, Iri heroically stopping the train by rushing madly to the closing doors, they opened up, we sneaked in and at 9.55 we made a run for it down Great Portalnd St just in time, as the woman at the door was checking her watch, for the £5 entry!

The club is a nice size, just one room with seating enclaves at the back, and just one floor, one bar and the dj at one corner of the room. You can also see everybody coming in, and from looking around I already began to feel comfortable. Everybody looked friendly, smart, dressed with taste but relaxed, no threatening faces, no youths, and when we headed over to the bar, miracle, drinks £3 and £3.50 for a mixer. The music was nicely playing in the background and after a while we got up and danced and danced, and danced until 2pm until I could no longer stand up. And I realised with joy the music was good, varied, kept you going, didn't bore you with only one style, and everybody was there to have a good time and to dance and everybody understood that. You weren't approached by anyone, and if somebody asked you to dance, you could politely say no, or turn around and they understood it. There was a mixed crowd, white kids, black kids, latinos, others, and everyone was having a great time, and the calories we burned! It was nice and refreshing being in a club which was about music and the love of music and was priced fairly. Actually we didn't even need drinks, because it got so hot and after all that dancing we just switched to tap water which they happily served to you with ice! Must retun and visit at least once a month.

The beautiful thing was that afterwards our bed was 3 minutes away from the club, at James' place on Warren Street where me and Iri had a sweet sleep and didn't get up until 10.30 altough we would have happily slept till one if we haven't promised our parents we'll return home promptly the next day.

At home, as they opened up the door, a home made rhubab pie was waiting on the table, we ate it hot, hot, hot and then it was time to open up the presents! This year I got a digital camera to get myself in with the rest of the world and a myriad of other great presents: books from dad and Iri, clothes, and other little toys and trinklets. They are all lovely and I will put them all to good use.

After a short nap in the garden, we went to buy some meat for the barbeque as we decided that the moody weather wasn't going to stop us, and then we marinated, made salads, new potatoes and at 4pm Oly came over and we sat down and ate, ate, ate. Then we had cake and champagne, put on a DVD that Iri bought dad for Father's Day which we almost forgot and the sugar rush meant that everyone bar poor Oly was asleep within the next 10/20 mins, or in Iri's case in the next 30/40. When we woke up we had seconds, and then proceeded to ask Oly about everything and everyone from our and his past, and this talking went on until 11pm, then we tried to play cards, and fool around, and joke, and speak like in the good old days until 12 when Oly had to leave to feed his cats, we read a bit and then went to bed about 1 as I had to wake up at 6 and return to Oxford and to work.

My boss is away all week, so it's going to be a fun-relaxed week with more to come, including my official birthday tomorrow,which like the Queen I shall celebrate twice. Oh yes.
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Those PC/Mac ads [Jun. 4th, 2007|04:05 pm]
Miss M
I know everybody has expressed an opinion on these already, so pardon me for waking up now, but having seen the latest ad with an overinflated pc, it made me think again: they really have got these ads wrong because everybody loves the underdog, right? And a lovable, old fashioned, softly spoken one at that.
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It's been a while [Jun. 4th, 2007|11:18 am]
Miss M
Why does one get so much more hungry at work? All weekend I have had no food cravings now it's only 11 and I am starving! I think it's also partly the cold weather. What a hot weekend that was wasn't it? I think I've lost the habit of writing (on LJ). 
I'm sorry to have missed yet another London Pub Crawl this Saturday but one can't program personal crises. Dear, dear. All in all though I have enjoyed the sunshine and since I have finally succumbed to taking my bike for repairs I have been cycling around Oxford Saturday and Sunday listening to music. What a treat that is. I wish there were more cycling routes that I knew of, or randomly stumbled on to take me to more exciting places though.
Other things I have achieved this weekend due to the kindness of friends was playing croquet for the first time, playing squash for the first time and wonder around beautiful LMH grounds. I didn't know what natural treasures that college has and having always felt a bit sorry for the colleges that were far out, I realise what a misinformed attitude that was. Being in the central Oxford colleges cauldron is nothing to be smug about. Though I have enjoyed the croquet a lot, I found squash to be really claustrophobia inducing and diziness inducing too. A terrrible sport I say. Tennis is much, much more preferable. 
On Sunday I went shopping which I haven't done in months and to a picnic by the river though going there about 6pm meant it was getting cold, and the spot my friends chose, although picturesque, was swampy and hence full of little but big enough to be annoying flies getting in my face all the time. 
Things to look forward to: preparations for my birthday and other assorted socials. I just wish the sun will come out again, I can't put up with this return to greyness for much longer. 
Romania this summer! Yes, guess that's all for now. Hope you're all dandy. 
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Posting by necessity [Apr. 19th, 2007|04:32 pm]
Miss M
I'm at work and the last 1/2hr won't go anywhere quick if I don't start typing. Other type of typing than responding to the many alumni e-mails which have clogged up my inbox since last time I've been here, Wednesday, 4th April if my memory doesn't fail.

Since then I've had a whale of a time. First on a lovely Easter break at home, sans adult supervision which resulted in a wonderful feast on Sunday, and all around good time preparing for it.

Afterwards I departed to Costa de Caparica, on the Lisbon Coast for four lovely days with my Romanian friend Gabriela. From there we visited Lisbon everyday apart from Sunday when we sunbathed on the beach, getting burnt as none of us had cream. Monday I spent all the money in the bank jewelery shopping more for others than myself I might add.

Lisbon is a beautiful city, it beats several Spanish cities and you can't beat a sunny port-town, or a port indeed. But as always my verbal enthusiam won't translate well in writing, so my tip for you is: go visit!

Lovely (sea)food, gorgeous panoramas, elegance, nice people, sun, beautiful light, shopping, beach, (cold) ocean, all that you could possibly want from a city break in April!
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