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The week(end) that was - Common sense is not that common [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Miss M

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The week(end) that was [Oct. 29th, 2007|11:24 am]
Miss M
Wednesday First Law exam. Multiple choice. Not too bad and come on it's multiple choice. Should pass and maybe more. Finish by 7 pm. Go to the pub with all the others in my small group. Stay much longer that should have done. Drank a pint of guinness after several glasses of wine at some point. Big mistake. Moved on with a small group to UCL students' Union around 10pm. More drinking, background bad Karaoke sang by pissed UCL undergrads. Kept thinking I have to return to Oxford. Getting into a cab with the others destination Walkabout in Leicester Sq. Why? Getting increasingly dizzy. Late 'wake-up' reality call. Abandon the club idea and leave in search of food. Famished. Grab a tuna-sandwich. Wait for a bus. Where to? Baker Street hopefully for my coach. Realising I better jump on the underground instead. Still hungry. Grab a croissant with cheese. Finally make it to Baker Street. Wait for coach. Not too long happily. Get on coach, put on music, fall asleep. Get to Oxford. Hungover already deeply set in by now. Get to sleep. Wake up thirsty. Milk only liquid in house. Drink that. Yuk. Fall back asleep. It can't be 8 already!! Drag sleep until 8.30 then drag my sorry state to work. Death.
Thursday Cannot do work as brain is in tatters. Watch stand up comedy on You tube all day. Clicking from link to link: Omid Djalili, Chris Rock etc finally ending up watching some "clean Christian American comedy" Weird but not too bad. The main comedian was an American woman called sth or other Pomorelli? Hm. Intersting. Vowed to search for stand-up comedian dvds to watch at home. Plan failed as all they have in dvd rental shops is obnoxious Ricky Gervais stan-up.
Friday Plan: Attend a Birthday party for Sara, a girl whom I know from my Dabkeh dancing troupe at Al-Salam restaurant in Oxford. Preparations: go to TK Maxx and hope to find a new outfit. Find nice dress and shoes in clearance. Come back home cook spaghetti with fried German sausage. Eat while watching BBC Friday night comedy. Awful. Have to start getting ready and sadly miss Omid Djalili on 'Have I got News for you' in the process. Leave the house wearing new outfit, pick up friend from Hi-Los, (smoke-free that place now. Can you imagine?) head to party. Meet Birthday Girl just as she was walking in. Grateful for the first time for my friend delaying me at Hi-Lo's. Get drink. Make small chat with strangers. Start dancing. DJ rubbish. How can you play rubbish rnb at an Arabic themed party. Get some Dabkeh going finnally. Party in patches from good to bad. Music to blame. Feeling even I could have done a better job of djing. Despairing. Mmm distracted by cake. People leaving. Birthday girl in need of dancing partners. More dancing. Closing time. Sadly having to leave. Getting a lift to St Clements. I don't want to go home yet it's only 2am. Go to Maria's house instead. Make popcorn and drink Romanian Plum brandy (70% strength) Talk nonesense. Walk back home and go to sleep.
Saturday Wake up midday. Relatively hungover free. Must have built up drinking strength since midweek drinking. Potter around till evening time. Cook an even better version of spaghetti with friend sausage. The garlic was the clencher. Eat this while teleconferencing with parents and watching Stricly Come Dancing. Go to my room, gently fall asleep. Friend rings. Realise I'm supposed to meet in 20 mins to go to some strangers' house party. Only two streets down. Cool. Arrive at party. Meet a bunch of Polish people and a crazy looking Spanish neo-hippy. Looks so tame. Oh wow neon face paint. And honey-vodka. And extremely friendly people. And music. And oh the walls are all flourescent. Hyperactive Polish 4 year old. Nice people. Vey nice people. Getting more and more comfortable. Getting up and dancing. A bit hungry. Oh Polish food. Cake. Then soup and sausage. Bongs and marijuana. I don't smoke cause I know it has no effect on me. High tech and clean Polish neo hippies. Three macs. And music and wine and all sorts of other crazy drinks. And families. And crazy Polish people. And the time passes in a crazy whirl of face-painting. These Plosih people can drink the English dry. Friend makes of with Polish guy who looks just a little bit like a a young Brian Moloko. Hm. Maybe time to go home. 3 am? Definitely time to go home. Neo-Spanish hippy walks me home. Home. Sleep.
Sunday It can't possibly be Sunday. Get text from friend. We are cooking late lunch for people? Huh? Romanian cooking? Oh dear. Really not in the mood. Ok go to Tesco. Go to Russian shop. Go to Morrocan shop. Buy pumpkin (why?) potatoes. meat. Friend comes around. We start cooking. Old kitchen starts falling apart. Oven door gives. Grill doesn't work. Good thing friend bought ready-cooked chicken. Guests arrive. Finally food on table at 3.30. Garlic. Polenta. Sourcream. Goat's cheese. Butten. Cottage cheese. Chicken. Potatoes. Lamb sausages. Lamb chops slightly uncooked. Ok really uncooked. Wine. Yum. Nice food. Great food. Banter. Puzzles. Lunch becomes dinner. Night sets in. Friends reluctant to leave but have to move house. Hours pass. More laughter. Hmm arabic sweets. Coffee. Aparently if you drink your coffee without sugar in it for two weeks you don't need the sugar anymore. 7 pm friends finally leave by van to continue moving. Original friend stays. It's Sunday night. I don't want to do work. Should we carve the pumpkin? Sure have you done it before? Nope. Ok you start. Oh pumpkin so cute. Should we go and rent a cheesy horror movie? Sure best idea on a Sunday night with our carved pumpkin on the table. Wow the rental shop it's selling all its cheesy horror movies on tape. There are literally hundreds. Pick "The Day the World ended". 1950s sci-fie B-movie horror. Possibly the most unintentional funny movie ever. This is T.D. day (Total Destruction) by nuclear weapons—and from this hour forward, the world as we know it no longer exists...and over all the lands and waters of the Earth hangs the atomic haze of death." And on that note to bed.

[User Picture]From: martinv
2007-10-29 10:24 pm (UTC)
Haha, this is a really good post and deserves a comment. Even if I have nothing to say in it.

How are things? Sounds like you're having lots of fun, anyway. Busy busy...
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[User Picture]From: misteryguest
2007-10-30 09:29 am (UTC)
Heh, well fun peppered with stress and heartache in a way. Cheers for the comment, I'm not too bad. We never ended up meeting in London did we?

We have to so I'm keeping you on my radar. Maybe we can meet one Tuesday or Thursday?

How are you?
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