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Miss M

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In the search of female perfection [Jan. 11th, 2011|02:13 pm]
Miss M
I'm currently enjoying a two months free membership to LOVEFILM courtesy of my dad. I have been a member before but a vast improvement has surfaced since my membership expired last year: the ability to watch films online in a BBC i-player type set-up.
As I was spending a quiet weekend in Oxford, I decided to take the opportunity and browse through the online film library. As I was going through pages and pages of titles, I was starting to fear that even from amongst the 4000+ titles, I won't be able to decide on something to watch!

I started to short-list a few titles and decided to start with some old movies to ease myself in. I picked a Carry Grant film because of the title and the description: Penny Serenade...When a newspaper man falls for a record store sales girl, their whirlwind courtship does not prepare him for a life of laughter, romance and tragedy.... I realised after a while that this wasn't going to be about records but more about melodrama and also, let's face it Irene Dune is more your serious type of actress, not a beautiful screen scarlet that you can't take your eyes off. I made it to the end but decided to change genres and to try a light comedy: My Dear Secretary with Kirk Douglas and the much more attractive Laraine Day. Goofiness. A bit too much goofiness in fact so I decided to counteract this with a dose of film noir and chose, from amongst many respectable offerings, Scarlet Letter with female baddie and former silent screen star (you can tell I've done my fair share of wikipedia reading) Joan Bennett. Oooh, eviiiil. It was quite spine tingling naughty and the baddies reprehensible. Just as the doctor recommended.

The following day, and I don't quite know how I got to this, I came upon Yesterday, Today and Tommorow, a classic 1960s Italian movie with Sophia Loren. DRAMATIC PAUSE.
If you haven't watched Sophia Lauren on screen before, you do not know what you are missing. She is goddess personified and this 'feast for your eyes Italian comic anthology' showcased Sophia in three different roles of femme fatale, one more stunning and captivating than the next. You simply cannot take your eyes of her. The movie itself is quite funny, although it drags a little bit in the second part, it picks up with a vengeance in part three. This experience left me wanting for more so I decided to watch all the Italian movie classics starring Sophia and other beauties of the Italian screen that LOVEFILM online has to offer.

While googling photos of Sophia Loren, I came across Claudia Cardinale whom I remember seeing when I was a child as my uncle used to have postcards with famous actors. LOVEFILM had only one movie with her to offer which turned out to be quite a different kettle of fish from the comic frippery of the Sophia Loren film. Rocco and his brothers  is a realist epic drama about south to north immigration in 1950s Italy featuring Claudia in a minor role. I got to see a lot of the French pretty-boy actor Alain Delon instead but this was not enough to quench my appetite for female perfection. On the list next, back to Sophia and to The Black Orchid and It happened in Naples. I hope to keep you updated.

[User Picture]From: embitteredpoet
2011-01-11 09:03 pm (UTC)
Monica I think you should organise another pub crawl because the last one was almost a year ago and it was really good.

Sarah and I rented the Big Sleep from Love Film. We both uh fell asleep.
True story.
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[User Picture]From: martinv
2011-01-11 10:16 pm (UTC)
Did you post this before Monica sent the Facebook thing about the pub crawl or after?

The last pub crawl was actually in September-ish and it was shit.

Anyway there should be another one and it should be on the 19th as suggested because it's convenient for me.
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[User Picture]From: embitteredpoet
2011-01-11 11:06 pm (UTC)
It must be a secret invite that I haven't received :(

I was referring to the 'Ye Olde and New' pub crawl.
Which was almost a year ago.
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[User Picture]From: martinv
2011-01-11 11:25 pm (UTC)
You won't have got it if you're not in the (ancient) 'Londonpubcrawl' group.

I ran a pub crawl in September. We went to 3 pubs and wandered around the City aimlessly for ages. Next one has to be an improvement on that...
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[User Picture]From: misteryguest
2011-01-12 09:42 am (UTC)
Haha, Rob posted this after I posted the message on the Facebook group and I was just asking myself this morning if Rob is on Facebook and if not I should alert him!

The proposed date for a London Crawl is Saturday 19th March - can you and Sara make it?
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[User Picture]From: embitteredpoet
2011-01-12 06:05 pm (UTC)
I'll check with her but almost certainly.

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